Documentation can be a challenging aspect of starting up a Business however our expert team have the experience needed to save up your time and take up the task. Genius+ offers documents clearing services, business set up, company registration, renewals and so much more, visit our services page to know more.

We provide essential documentation services and can guide you every step of the way, our team are trained to get the work done efficiently and professionally. At Genius+ we help clients from all over the world setup their businesses in UAE and handle the entire process from the documentation and formalities to strategic recommendations.

UAE is a global market and a highly developed economy, we process your documents with the highest expected standards, efficiency and global quality services. Genius+ provides customers with cost effective services, entrusting our team with the startup process can be beneficiary to your business.


Understanding clients objectives and providing the most optimum experience and service.


A team of professional consultants providing clients with expert documentation solutions.